Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Canterbury, Deal and London (Clerkenwell)

Hello, I’m Nike Lawal…. and I’m glad you found my site.

There are multitude of possible reasons  why you are here, reading these words. Whatever your reasons for exploring my site; I hope you find many of the answers and much of the information you are looking for here.

I am passionate about helping my clients to feel happier about their lives; their achievements and who they are as people: to live their lives in the way that’s right for them – balanced and fulfilled.

I believe personal change is possible; that YOU are the most powerful player in your life, and when you recognise this and take action on it, wonderful things can happen.

Is there something you are currently experiencing in your life that you would like to change?

Are you ready to consider beginning to make that change now?

If your answer is ‘yes’, read on and lets get together to discuss how I can help you to move forward.

Letting Go of Unwanted Issues and Maximising your Life Experience/Potential

I will work with you to get to the route of the issues that are causing you problems, and then we will resolve these in a way that transforms your life experience.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is highly productive, bespoke short term therapy. Most issues can be resolved with just a few sessions.

I specialise in Anxiety and Stress Management and  dealing with emotional/psychological issues in support of Weight Loss (incorporating Virtual Gastric Bands where appropriate),   although this is by no means the limit of my practice.I also have a special interest in Fertility and Infertility Support.

Infact the clients who ask to see me come with a range of other issues too including; Confident Childbirth (hypnobirthing)Smoking Cessation, PhobiasConfidence and Self-esteem, sometimes its one thing, often its a combination of things.

This isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ approach. I treat the individual person, not the label that has been given to your problem. The label that your problem has, isn’t the most important thing – YOU are, and how you ‘do’ your problem is key to us finding out how to resolve it. So, by us both getting to really understand the details of your issue,  how you experience it, and what you want to be different in your life, we get the information we need to find a way of working through it, and resolving it: together. Its a partnership.

Are you ready to resolve this?

I know that taking this first step, to do something about an issue you need to address, is sometimes the hardest.  I wonder if it might be harder long term, not to take that step at all,  or to put it off for even longer?

So, if there is something that has been holding you back  your life; hindering your happiness; your progress; stopping you from living your life as you want to; and achieving what you want to, then it would be great to get rid of it and let go of it completely .

I hope you will take that ‘first step’ with me…..

To book an appointment for Hypnotherapy and/or coaching in Canterbury, Deal, London or by Skype, or to find out more about how I can help, please call me on 07885 400854 or fill in the contact sheet on the Contact Me page, or send me an email at

I also offer half or full day Breakthrough Sessions for clients seeking intensive work, to fast-track results/changes.

Lets get together on a FREE telephone consultation to begin the process of moving forward.