self-esteem3Hypnosis For Improving levels of confidence and self-esteem

Do you have this voice in your head that is constantly worrying about what other people think of you, constantly criticizing you, telling you what you have done wrong or didn’t to.

Do you sometime says things, to yourself, about yourself that you wouldn’t say to your worse enemy?

It’s a bit like having a bully behind you, except that bully is you.  And we can shrug it off , and say “it’s okay because its only me”.  But the truth is,  it hurts, and effects your self confidence and your self-esteem….so it’s not okay at all: it makes you feel not okay.  If these are your day to day thoughts, then they be sometimes be allowed to run riot 24/7, with no one to protect you.

Often this broadcast voice you have in your head, has been triggered by the words or behaviour of someone at some point in our life.  That person may not even be in our lives any more, but we have taken this to heart and allowed our interpretation of what they have said to become part of our beliefs – what we believe about ourselves – our self belief.  Does that sound familiar? Does it resonate with you?  Do these types of thoughts limit you, and what you do in your personal and/or professional life?

The thing is, these are just thought:  they are not facts.  As a cognitive hypnotherapist I will work with you to explore where these unhelpful messages came from, and look for evidence to help you come up with a more balanced perspective: a different way of thinking about yourself, and to help you develop the skills and resources to challenge unhelpful thinking yourself, and find that more nurturing supportive voice inside you.  Using a variety of techniques including CBT, NLP and Transactional Analysis and Hypnosis we will reframe your thinking, leading to more helpful balanced way of seeing yourself, thinking about yourself, and therefore feeling about yourself.  So that day by day your confidence begins to develop and grow.

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