performance-&-motivation2Hypnosis For Motivation and Work Performance

There are many things that impact our motivation and/or work performance: from stress in our work and personal lives, to unhelpful thinking and limiting beliefs: that inner dialogue that’s with us 24/7.

I believe your mind is the most powerful part of you, and that cognitive hypnotherapy can help you to maximize its use to your advantage rather than your disadvantage.

I will work with you to explore what you want to achieve and why that is important to you, to really get to grips what’s been getting in the way of this, to remove these blocks, and to build excitement and momentum towards that goal, visualizing how you will be thinking feeling and behaving differently when you have achieved what you desire.

This concept of cognitive hypnotherapy for motivation and performance can be used to support successful achievement in your job, your career, sport, academic study or business life.

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