fertilityHypnotherapy For Fertility

Infertility can be an incredibly stressful, lonely, isolating experience; among the most stressful experiences in life. Few people are aware of the utter desperation and at times inconsolable feelings of guilt, hurt, anger,  grief, that are common place on this journey, and yet over 25% of couples experience infertility (both women and men).

I believe that that the mind and body are inextricably linked; that the mind affects the body creating balance/imbalance in the body’s systems including hormones; that stress can affect the body and how it functions and so it’s critical to manage this.

Indeed study in 2011 (Fertility and Sterility by A Domar et al) showed that the rate of success of IVF treatment was improved (52% versus 20%) for women involved in a mind/body program such as hypnosis.

We all experience varying amounts of stress in our lives and whilst this can impact fertility, the rollercoaster of emotions experienced as part of either the assisted conception journey or the natural conception can also play a role in the infertility itself….to the extent that it can be a vicious circle, potentially compounding the problem even further.

I also believe, firmly that it doesn’t have to be this way.  I will work with you to harness the power of your mind so that it works in support of you and any processes you are undergoing i.e., IVF or natural conception.   I will help you let go of stress (wherever that may come from), manage unhelpful thoughts, feelings and actions,  and limiting beliefs, and move to a place of peace, so that you can give your body the best possible chance to do what it needs, to do in order, to achieve the outcomes you want.

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