Hypnotherapy For Stopping Unwanted Habits

We all have habits. Some habits are useful (or at least convenient), some we call ‘bad habits’ e.g.  nail biting, pulling your hair or eyelashes, sucking your thumb, stammering and so on.

A habit is something you do automatically, almost without thinking or decision making involved.  Habits are normally formed with a repetition of a pattern or behavior in response to something, initially with some awareness of what we are doing, often during childhood but sometimes in adulthood too. With repetition, over time the mind assumes that it’s a helpful thing to do.  The action becomes automatic, carried out with little effort from the conscious mind…until we are barely aware of its presence: you may not even realize you are doing it until it’s done: the habit is formed.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help because it works on understanding where this habit started, why it was initially considered useful, and helps you to work out and accept a more helpful responses both consciously and unconsciously: develop more helpful habits.

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