weight-loss-4Hypnosis For Weight loss and Weight Management

Overcoming issues to do with food, eating and self-image can sometimes seem impossible to solve. For some people it’s been a lifetime struggle: possibly the one area of their life they feel that haven’t managed to master.

There are many reasons why we eat, and lots of them have nothing to do with hunger….particularly when we are over consuming. You may find you eat when you are stressed; bored; tired; lonely; angry; upset; worried: its ‘dis-comfort eating’. It may make you feel better but initially, but you can end up feeling worse in the medium to long term….and it doesn’t resolve the initial problem. Or it could be for social reasons; or maybe it’s just a habit: something we learned to do when we were younger or during a particular challenging time, and just didn’t stop when the problem had ceased. May be its all of the above and then some. They are called ‘psychological hungers’. It’s very rarely as simple as the words we trot out, like ‘I’m just greedy’ or ‘eat less and exercise’.

Part of the challenge with just looking at diet, is that this focuses on the symptoms and not the causes. So when we actually do manage to lose weight, if we haven’t tackled the reason why we are over-consuming in the first place….we find that slowly and surely the weight goes back on….And sometimes we find that we give up on a diet before we even get to our goal, because we’ve used food and/or alcohol to mask the issues; or help us to ‘cope’ with them: with the challenges of day to day life..

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to address the specifics of your underlying issues (psychological hungers): some of these will be known to you and some of them may be unknown. Then, using a bespoke treatment plan for you including techniques such as CBT, NLP, virtual gastric band/hypnosis and positive psychologies, we will work change to your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving: those unhelpful habits/routines that have led to way you consume food, and then develop a bespoke treatment plan for you.

Imagine being able to look the way you would most like and feel good about yourself both inside and out. All this without feeling deprived or hungry!

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